Fazel Arasteh

Computer Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology, Azadi Street, Tehran (Iran) · (936) 895-3749 · arastehfazel [at] gmail [dot] com

I am an undergraduate student at the Sharif University of Technology, which is Ranked First in Iran. I started my educations in Mechanical Engineering, and early in the college, I found myself passionate about Computer Engineering. Hence, I decided to go for a Minor in Computer Engineering. Although I have a broad spectrum of interests, the main essence of all of them is the design and modeling of Intelligent Systems.


Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Bachelor of Science
Major in Mechanical Engineering

  • GPA: 3.77 (17.14/20)
  • Thesis: an approach to Global Optimization using Support Vector Machine to create a promising initial population for Genetic Algorithm
  • Under supervision of Dr.Khodayegan
  • Defended Successfully (19.2/20)
Minor in Computer Engineering
  • GPA: 3.92 (17.94/20)
What is a Minor in IRAN?
  • In Iran, one needs to pass 140 credits to be awarded a Bs.C. in Engineering. From these 140 credits, about 50 credits are common between all Engineering Majors. These common courses are such as Mathematical Courses(Calc1, Calc2, Engineering Mathematics), Physical Courses (Physics1&2), Language courses, and courses from cultural education center. Moreover, some courses are common or closely related between Mechanical Engineering and Computer Engineering such as Fundamentals of Programming, Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, Linear Systems Control, and Computer Aided Design. Above all, I have passed 42 credits purely from Computer Engineering department to be awarded a Minor in Computer Engineering.
  • I have passed all the following fundamental courses from Computer Engineering:
    • Advanced Programming, Discrete Mathematics, Data Structures, Design of Algorithms, Logic Design, Computer Structure and Language, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, and Linear Algebra.
Total of both fields
  • GPA: 3.80 (17.53/20)
*Attention: GPAs are calculated by www.scholaro.com
September 2013 - July 2018

Shahid Beheshti High School

Mathematical and Physical sciences
  • GPA: 19.96/20
September 2009 - September 2013

Awards & Honours

  • Ranked 11th among 150 Mechanical Engineering students at Sharif University of Technology.(2016)
  • Ranked 94th among 90,000 students in university entrance exam.(2013)
  • Ranked 1st in High School among students of Mathematical and Physical sciences. (2012)

Research Experience

Research Assistant

Developing a Bayes–Markov computational model to illustrate orientation-selective inhibition in the primary visual cortex

Summer 2018 - Present

B.Sc Thesis

An approach to Global Optimization using Support Vector Machine to create a promising initial population for Genetic Algorithm

Summer 2017 - Spring 2018

Researcher at social robotics laboratory

Developing a computer program to measure the distance and direction of the source of a sound signal using the data from an array of microphones

  • Center of Excellence in Design, Robotics, and Automation (CEDRA) at Sharif University of Technology
Spring 2017 - Summer 2017

Teaching Experience

Teacher Assistant

Artificial Intelligence, Teacher: Dr. Hossein Peyvandi

I was in charge to grade the quizzes. Besides, I held the weekly class to solve selected problems from the textbook for the students. Furthermore, I was in the administration of the final project of the course.

Spring 2018 & Fall 2018

Teacher Assistant

Applied Electronics, Teacher: Roya Narimani

I was in charge to hold the simulation sessions in which students were supposed to simulate the digital circuits they had learned about in the class using the Proteus application. Besides, I was in charge for the final project of the course which required students to use Arduino board to make a smart irrigation system that would be controlled through SMS and Internet.

Fall 2017 & Spring 2018 & Fall 2018

Working Experience

Python Developer

I worked on a team project which aimed to design and manufacture a personal assistant robot (something like Jibo). I developed a software system that enabled the robot to detect the human face, then follow the movement of the face. I used the OpenCV library for the face detection. Furthermore, as the robot was based on a Raspberry pi3 computer, I used Raspbian OS to control the board.

July 2017 - September 2017



  • Nokia Snake Game
    • In C
    • Funamentals of programming final project
  • A Strategic Game Similar to the popular game, DOTA2
    • in Java
    • Multi Player
    • Responsive GUI
    • Advanced Programming final project

Computer Architecture   &   Electronics

  • Design and simulation of a 32_bit Data Path and the corresponding Control Unit
    • Support for an ISA with 30 instructions.
    • Simulated with Quartus Prime
  • A smart irrigation system
    • Controlled by SMS
    • Using Arduino and GSM module
    • Final project of Applied Electronics course

Operating Systems

  • Modifying CPU scheduler in Android X86 Kernel
    • Change from RR to FCFS and SJFS
  • Adding a custom Module into the Android X86 Kernel and rebuilding the Kernel
    • The module monitored the change in the memory per process continuously and reported it in the Kernel buffer.
  • Developing a simple shell for Android X86

Discrete Systems Simulation

  • Simulation of the Sale Lines of a Cinema
    • Using Java
    • Computer Simulation Course
  • Simulation of a Blood Test Process in hospitals
    • Using Arena Simulation Tool
    • Computer Simulation Course


Language Skills

Mother tongue:
  • Farsi
TOEFL ibt:  111
  • Reading: 30   Listening: 29   Speaking:26   Writing:26
  • V:148,Q:168,AW:4
Other languages:
  • Arabic (basic)

Computer Science