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I'm Erfan Hamdi a Mechanical Engineering Student who is Obssessed with Mathematics and numerical ways of solving the problems and getting deep in solving Challenging problems in a Creative and novel way!

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Erfan Hamdi
Tehran - Sharif University of Techonology


Sharif University of Techonology

Masters degree in Biomechanics ...

I'm currently persuing my studies in Biomechanics.
Under Computation ...

Amirkabir University of Techonology

Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering October 2020

my Bachelor's Project was designing an Object-Oriented Turbomachinery Analysis Software based on Streamline Curvature Method using Python.


SLC Program

Bachelor's Project March 2020

designing a Object-Oriented Program with Python for Analysing Turbomachinery performance using Streamline Curvature Method.

Bore Distortion Analysis Program

Intern at IP-CO July 2019 - September 2019

There was a need of Post-Processing software for Analysing the Abaqus job on the internal Combustion Engine Bore Distortions the Program was written in Python with a GUI, bearing
Object-Oriented philosophy in mind to fascilitate Maintenance and further Development.

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