Kowsar Heydari

My name is Kowsar Heydari and I am a fourth-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the Sharif University of Technology. My primary interests are EWOD platforms and their applications. 

What I have Learned

During these years, I have achieved a lot. I can be part of a team and go well with others. I also have achived academic results as well as being a teamworker. What I want to do in future is to develope microfluidic system that can help different people at any time they need medical help and I wish to achieve this goal in higher academic positions. I will explain more about what I have done during these years and I also have attached my CV below. I would be really happy if you have time to go through my CV and give me any feedback that you think may help me to achieve my goals sooner. Contact tab is also linked below . Thanks for reading.