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Honors and Awards

Captain of the team of Iran in the 23rd IYPT (International Young Physicists Tournament), wining the second prize and silver medal, Vienna-Austria, 2010.

Member of the team of Iran in the 22nd IYPT, Tianjin-China, 2009.

Wining the first prize in the 10th Khwarizmi Young Award in Physics, 2008

Reza M. Namin, M. Ali Islami, Hessam Mohaghegh

Bronze medal in Iranian national Physics Olympiad, 2009

Member of the academic staff in 3rd IOAA (International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics), Tehran-Iran, 2009.

IYPT 2010

National Physics Olympiad 2009

Khwarizmi Young Award, 2008

IYPT 2009

IOAA 2009

IYPT 2010IYPT 2009Young Khwarizmi AwardIOAA 2009Physics Olympiad
SUTSUT Mechanics

First place and gold medal in Iranian national Astronomy Olympiad, 2006

Second prize and silver medal in XII IAO (International Astronomy Olympiad), Simeiz-Crimea, 2007

IAO 2007

National Astronomy Olympiad 2006

Astronomy OlympiadIAO 2007