Micro/Nano Systems

Our research in the field of Micro/Nano-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (M/NEMS) covers the following topics: 1. Micro-positioners and Nano-positioners Design, Fabrication and Control of Micro/Nano-positioning Systems 2. MEMs/NEMs: Study of size-dependent nonlinear dynamics in M/NEMS resonators using non-classical continuum theories Study of nonlinear dynamics, bistability and chaos in M/NEMS resonators Using analytical techniques for the study of nonlinear dynamics in[…]

Dynamics and Vibrations

1. Developing Novel Dynamics Formulations to Reduce Computational Efforts A fresh insight into Kane’s equations of motion A Recursive Approach for Analysis of Snake Robots Using Kane’s Equations Dynamic Analysis Of Rovers Using Kane Approach 2. Energy Harvesting Systems: Dynamic and Vibrational Analysis of Energy Harvesters 3. MEMs/NEMs: Study of size-dependent nonlinear dynamics in M/NEMS resonators using[…]

Robotics and Controls

Micro/Nano Robotics New emerging fields in robotics are micro/nano robotics. The long-term target of our team in this area is to develop intelligent bio-nano sensors, actuators and nanodevices for various medical and nanotechnological applications. Robotics and Control in Spacecrafts Automobile: Design, Fabrication and Control of Automated Manual Transmission System   Quadrotors: Design, Fabrication and Attitude/Position Control of a Quad-rotor  […]

Molecular Dynamics

Molecular dynamics (MD) is a powerful tool in the theoretical study of nano-scale structures and biological processes, which can provide information on the time dependent behavior of a molecular system. 1. Drug Delivery Applications: Simulation and study of translocation of Nanoparticles through Cell Membranes   2. Nano-mensicus Formation: Molecular dynamics modeling of a nanomaterials-water surface interaction 3. DNA Sequencing: A Novel Approach in[…]