Micro/Nano Systems

Our research in the field of Micro/Nano-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (M/NEMS) covers the following topics:

1. Micro-positioners and Nano-positioners

  • Design, Fabrication and Control of Micro/Nano-positioning Systems


2. MEMs/NEMs:

  • Study of size-dependent nonlinear dynamics in M/NEMS resonators using non-classical continuum theories
  • Study of nonlinear dynamics, bistability and chaos in M/NEMS resonators
  • Using analytical techniques for the study of nonlinear dynamics in micro/nano-resonator: second-order Multiple Scales Method (MSM) and the Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM)
  • Poly silicon and silicon nano-beams modeling based on strain gradient, Nonlocal, modified couple stress and surface energy theories


3. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

  • Modelling of Atomic Force Microscopy Using Hybrid FEM/MD
  • Dynamic Analysis and Control of AFM Imaging Process in Different Modes Including Trolling Mode AFM


4. Micro/Nano Robotics

New emerging fields in robotics are micro/nano robotics. The long-term target of our team in this area is to develop intelligent bio-nano sensors, actuators and nanodevices for various medical and nanotechnological applications.


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