Master Students

Mohammad Ali Mahdjour Firouzir

Thesis title: Molecular Dynamics Study of Biomanipulation

Seyed Hossein Kamali

Thesis title: Design, Fabrication and Control of a Quad-rotor

 Hamid Paeenshahry

Thesis title: Dynamics and Control of GEO Satellite during LAM Firing

 Ali Falsafi

Thesis title: Study of Tip-Surface interactions in Trolling Mode AFM Using Dissipative Particle Dynamics

 Mohammad Reza Barzegar

Thesis title: Simulation and study of translocation of Nanoparticles through Cell Membranes

 Pourya Delafruz

Thesis title: Developing a Model for Simulation of Dynamic Behavior of Nano-beams

 Mohammad Reza Nejati

Thesis title: Design, Fabrication and Control of a Nano-positioning System

 Farhad Ebadi

Thesis title: Development an Effective Approach for DNA Sequencing

 Seyyed Amin Moravej

Thesis title:  Study of microstructure evolution during cyclic martensitic transformations in shape memory alloys via molecular dynamics simulation

 Mohammad Heravi

Thesis title: Dynamical Modeling and Control of an XY Nano-Positioner

 Amir Jafari Moghaddam

Thesis title: Design, Manufacturing and Control of Cell Micromanipulation System

Mohammad Ganji

Thesis title: Application of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) of Biofluids in Disease Diagnosis

 Sepehr Dehghani

Thesis title: Study of interactions between cytoskeleton and cell membrane

Ali Rasouli

Thesis title: Study of Performance of Mechanosensitive Membrane Channels

Alireza Esfandbod

Thesis title: Design, Dynamic Modelling and Control of a Micro-swimmer with High Maneuverability

Masoud Yousefi

Thesis title: Motion Control of Multiple Magnetic Microrobots

Alireza Pedram

Thesis title: A Fabrication Method of Neutrally-Buoyant Magnetic Micro-Robot to Improve Its Motion Control

Amir Hosein Agha Seied Mirza Bozorg

Thesis title: Manufacturing and Control of Magnetic Micro-Robotics System

Saeed Bayat

Thesis title: Manufacturing and Control of Nano-positioning System

 Milad Seifnejad Haghighi

Thesis title: Determination of the Surface Properties and Topography in AFM Using System Dynamics and Parameter Identification

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