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The Khwarizmi Young Award is a national Iranian Award given annually to individuals who have made outstanding achievements in research, innovation and invention, in fields related to science and technology. The Khwarizmi Award for School Students is the most creditable award in Iran for school students in case of research and innovation. Students send their presentations about their project, present them in several presentations for judges, and the best projects will be ranked.

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Khwarizmi Young Award

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Here is an introduction to the project named N-Body Simulation by Reza M. Namin, M. Ali Islami and Hessam Mohaghegh, students of the Mofid 2 Highschool. This project won the national first prize of physics in 10th Khwarizmi Young Award, School Students section.


The main idea of the project started from solving the general gravitational three body problem numerically, using a computer simulation which was built with the C# programming language. After the first simulations, numerical methods such as Runge-Kutta were used to increase the efficiency of the simulation.


After the successful 3-body simulations, the code was expanded to be able to simulate the general N-Body simulations. Because of the use of the Particle-Particle method for the force evaluation, the code was very slow and inefficient for high particle numbers (n > 20), so the Particle Mesh method was used to evaluate the force for higher particle numbers (up to n = 5000)

The National Level Presentation PDF (In Persian)

1000 Particles in Motion

An Example of the Simulation, 1000 Particles using the Particle-Mesh method (Click to see Animation)

5-Body Conversion to 3-Body2-Body Elliptical

Checking the simulation results with a simple 2-Body test case

One of the results of an initially 5-Body system which converts to a 3-body system at the end.

Click to see the conversion of a 3-Body system to 2-Body.